Cthulhu Boogaloo

Here in Stumptown this weekend was CthulhuCon, sort of a snack-sized Lovecraftian convention to tide over fans until H.P. Lovecraft Film Fest returns to its October slot. I made it to the con on Saturday and had a wonderful time. Tons of friends had showed up, and the programming was incredible. Highlights included tremendous art, panels with Lovecraftian scholars S. T. Joshi and Leslie Klinger, gaming creatives Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws, visits from the Lovecraft impersonator Leeman Kessler, and a delightful performance by Mike Dalager–the musical mind behind the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society’s new album of Innsmouthian jazz standards, Live at the Gilman House. Let me just tell you: if you like musicals, you won’t be truly happy until you’ve heard “My Funny Valentine” with all-new tentacular lyrics.

cthulhu_fhtagnWith all this squamous, cthonic energy in the air, it makes sense that Word Horde revealed the cover of their new anthology: CTHULHU FHTAGN! This is the third Lovecraftian anthology editor Ross Lockhart has put together, and the line-up looks terrific. I’m very excited about my story in the book, “The Long Dark,” which is a SFnal take on Lovecraft, with an ending I really enjoyed writing.

On the editing front, I’m reading submissions for Nightmare Magazine‘s Queers Destroy Horror! special issue this month. I’m having a great time reading all these dark stories, and I think the issue will be fantastic. Look for it in October!

Personally, I’m facing a delightful challenge: I’m working on my first campaign for our Call of Cthulhu role-playing group. I’ve never been a game master before, but it’s my turn to step up to the plate and scare/torment/entertain my gaming group. Fingers are crossed that I don’t suck!