Meet the writer

… slash-editor-slash-troublemaker

Wendy N WagnerWendy N. Wagner grew up in a town so tiny it didn’t even have a post office. With no television reception, she became a rabid reader, waiting impatiently for the bookmobile’s fortnightly visit to her tiny hometown. Today, her family struggles to find room for her expanding book collection in their Portland, Oregon, home. She really likes books about horror movies, ecology, gardening, and vegan cooking.

Ms. Wagner’s poetry and short fiction has appeared in over three dozen venues.  Her third novel, An Oath of Dogs, a sci-fi thriller, is due out July 2017 from Angry Robot. She is the Managing/Associate Editor of both Lightspeed Magazine and Nightmare Magazine, and served as the Guest Editor of Queers Destroy Horror! She was also the Nonfiction Editor of both Women Destroy Science Fiction! and Women Destroy Fantasy!.


I make words happen.