Saying Goodbye to 2017

2017 was a mixed sort of bag. On one hand, I did a lot of exciting research, outlined a number of projects, and started some really good writing projects. On the other hand, I only managed to finish two short stories and a sprinkling of poems. However, I am extremely proud of my work at Lightspeed and Nightmare this year, where I’ve taken the helm on the nonfiction department. I am particularly proud of the work we’ve doing at Nightmare, where my nonfiction writers have been digging deeply into the tropes and themes of the horror genre.

Book tour this summer was an absolute blast! I really enjoyed chatting with the Clarion West class of 2017, and my readings throughout the region were beyond fun. I loved connecting with people who love reading just as much as I do. And I am extremely grateful for the days I got to spend with Spencer Ellsworth, the best book tour buddy a gal could ask for!

For those interested in awards nominations, my novel An Oath of Dogs definitely qualifies for the Hugo and Nebula.

I had a number of short stories come out this year: “The Burnt Sugar Stench,” from the anthology Tales from a Talking Board; “Buffalo Jump,” from the tie-in anthology Predator: If It Bleeds; “The Writing Wall,” from the Lovecraftian anthology Ride the Star Wind; “With Perfect Clarity,” from genre fiction magazine GigaNotoSaurus; and “Drift Right,” from the podcast Pseudopod.

On the food front, my garden didn’t produce particularly well this year. However, we saw a dramatic uptick in the bird and squirrel population! (Hmmn … I wonder if there might be a connection between those two events?) It’s been wonderful watching all the creatures thriving outside my back windows.

2018 promises lots of opportunities and challenges. I look forward to continuing my Poetry Form a Week Challenge, and I can’t wait for March, when I get to teach this awesome workshop in Seattle. Plus, all the outlining and research I’ve been doing should lead to some major writing excitement!


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