Hi, friends! If any of you will be in the Portland area this weekend and plan to catch Orycon, I’ll be there, too. Here’s my schedule:


Friday (11/2):

2 pm, Ross Island Room

Theme: What is theme and how do you develop it in your writing?


8:30 pm, Grant Room

Reading: a dramatic performance of Lovecraftian Madness … and more.

Don’t miss this one, because it’s going to be blast!


Saturday (11/3):

11 am, Lincoln

Franchise Writing: writing in other people’s worlds.

The other guys on the panel are writers for Star Wars, Star Trek and other big franchises–I can’t wait to hear what they have to say!


2 pm, Lincoln

Stalking the Wild Anthology: tips for success in anthology sales


10 pm, Roosevelt

Smut, Gore and More: the challenges of writing sex and violence


Sunday (11/4):


10 am, Broadway

Fantasy Storytime: knights, dragons and princess stories for kiddos

This one’s for your little munchkins.


See you at the con!